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Home Buying Guide for India

Have you ever spent your time running around property viewings for weeks or even months and finally realised it doesn’t even suit your requirement or well over your affordability? This may be because you haven’t analysed what you need or how much you can afford at the start of the home buying process.

Welcome to the Home Buying Guide for India. This book highlights 3 Simple steps which helps you to define your requirement, analyse your affordability and find a successful investment whether it is your first property or as an investment for family’s wealth.

“If the exact requirements for your HOME are known, your affordability and how to find it, then you will be in the very best position to reach your HOME BUYING GOAL in a very short time, and most importantly, without any future burden on your lifetime commitment.”- Vidhya Nagendran

The process of home buying, Vidhya has found, is time consuming with the need for a clear mindset.  In this book she attempts to simplify this process and overview the basics in 3 Simple Steps

  • Step 1 – Define your requirement
  • Step 2 -  Check your affordability
  • Step 3 – Find your dream home
  • Buyers Checklist
  • NRI Corner

I hope you will find this book helpful for your successful investment and looking forward to hear from you. 

Book is now available in Amazon stores!

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