” CitiLiving is more friendly. Very helpful in guiding and finding exactly what I was looking for. Services & arrangements were good” – Tenant relocated from Vadodara, Gujarat to Coimbatore (August, 2016)

Tapas Desai | Cameron Manufacturing

“Citiliving helped us to move our family from Dubai to coimbatore and found their rental services excellent” –  Relocated from Dubai

Mohan | Engineer from Dubai

” Citiliving services are pleasing and cooperative. Courtesy extended genuinely. Let the relation persists” – Used Citiliving rental services in finding commerical space for his company Regain Lifestyle centre.  - March 2015

Murali krishnan | Regain lifestyle Centre

“We thank our Lord for blessing us with a new rented place for our firm. We are glad that it was channelized through Citiliving. They are polite and helpful by all means in the dealing to come through. They finished all the process professionally. May God Bless them”

Antony Felix | Rapha Hospital

” I take pleasure in thanking Citiliving for fixing a nice house for rental. I am pleased with your service and tireless effort in showing different choices of  house to suit my need within the  shortest  time. I wish you all success – Relocated from Punjab to Coimbatore”

Dr J Sivakumaran – KMCH | Chief Operating Officer

“Citiliving helped us to find our new “Home” in Coimbatore. They understood my requirements and found a suitable and very  nice apartment for my family. I will recommend Citiliving to my colleagues and friends, since they have a fast and reliable service. Thank you Citiliving”. Relocated from  Germany to Coimbatore

Walter Sanchez – Robert Bosch GmbH | Head of Software Projects

“I was looking for a house in Coimbatore to move my parents in. It is not easy when you are outside India and don’t have any contact local to the city. Citiliving has been a great help in this regard. They understood my requirement and they were very professional in handling all parties, Customer, Builder and the Bank authorities. Right from arranging a negotiation call with Builder till the registration of the property on customer’s name, they took ownership of every step and that made my job easy :-) My dream home would not have been possible without CitiLiving. Thanks Citiliving and Team” ( CitiLiving helped NRI from Tanzania to buy home for his family in India – October 2013)

Deepan Ramachandran | IT Project Manager, TANZANIA

“Citiliving has been a very proactive and effective partner through my relocation process. They were able to understand my needs, give precious advices and helped me to find my way within the city. It went beyond the housing: they have spent a lot of time showing me hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers… I am very thankful for their professionalism and reactivity, I strongly recommend them to anybody wanting to come to Coimbatore!” (Relocated from Germany to Coimbatore August 2013)

Arnaud Fessard – Senior Manager | Robert Bosch GmbH GERMANY

“French Student traveling to Coimbatore for his studies, Thank agency Citiliving who was very fast and effective in finding an apartment and it was Quality accommodation properly located. I highly recommend” – Alexis relocated from France (CitiLiving assisted to find accommodation JULY 2013)

Alexis Glassman | Student from FRANCE

“CitiLiving has done much more than only arrange an apartment, they spent many time to help in all areas.
I will recommend them to all my friend who come here.
Thank you very much”
(Relocated from Germany to Coimbatore – August 2012)

Steffen Ruf | Robert Bosch GmbH GERMANY